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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Starving for Justice - All I want for breakfast, lunch or dinner in October, is JUSTICE.

It's October, and that means it's Domestic Violence Awareness month so to commemorate it, I am going on a hunger strike.  The only nourishment I will take for the entire month of October is JUSTICE because I'm starved for it.  And I'm not the only one; there are millions of us out there who are starving for justice. They are the victims of domestic violence, the protective parents, and the victims of social services who turned to the courts seeking justice, and are starving for it still. Unlike most, if not all of them, though, I am in a privileged position to do two things that most people can't: I can speak out about the travesties that are taking place in our courts every day; and I can literally starve for justice.

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, throughout October lots of non-profits, governmental agencies and celebrities will make extra efforts to urge anyone trapped in violent and dangerous relationships to leave their abusers and find safe haven amongst the many organizations dedicated to serving victims of domestic violence.  All of those promises of assistance, however, are based on the assumption that there is a justice system ready and waiting to help victims when they find the courage to leave; that there are attorneys and judges who understand the tremendous hurdles - and real dangers - that victims face when they try to escape, and will be standing by, ready and waiting to assist and protect them. 
And that's a lie.  And it's a cruel lie that every year lures desperate victims into a trap which is often far worse than the one they were attempting to escape. 
There is no such justice system out there.  The justice system that these victims who heed the messages of hope and help will find will treat them with contempt, suspicion, disregard and ridicule.  And if the victim fleeing is a woman with children, she will quickly find herself trapped in a nightmare so brutal, so cruel, so unimaginable in the greatest country on earth, dedicated to liberty and justice for all, that she will begin to doubt her own sanity.  A woman with children attempting to escape an abusive relationship will more likely than not find that she has walked into a trap where the only outcome will be the loss of custody of her children, either to the abuser himself, or to the State. In other words, right now, if you're a woman with children in a violent relationship, and you want to protect your children, you're better off staying with that abuser.  Because at least you'll be around - until he kills you, or the State takes your children from both of you because you failed to leave with them - as if you could.  
But it isn't just the traditional victims of domestic violence the courts are failing.  Any parent who finds him or herself in the horrific situation where a child reports sexual abuse by the other parent; where one or both parents disagree with a child's diagnosis and seek a second medical opinion; or a parent who doesn't smile wide enough at a social service agent standing at their door,  will also experience a system of judges, attorneys, mental health professionals, and various other "professionals"  so corrupt; so depraved, so licentious that it is no wonder that those who have experience it unflinchingly consider the family courts and various child protective agencies to be the largest child trafficking organizations in the world and easily the most rampant perpetrators of domestic violence in this country.  
I used to be an attorney and I have seen this system first hand. I lost my license fighting against it, and I am not the only one.  I spoke out then, at the cost of my license, and I speak out now, for all the parents who cannot speak themselves because the courts hold their children hostage, and I speak for all the children who are voiceless in a system that treats them as commodities to be used as an excuse for billable hours and then awarded as prizes to the favored parent or the highest bidder. 
And I'm asking all of you out there, who are already fighting this fight or simply care about children and the necessity of an honorable and independent judiciary to our nation and the purpose of justice, to JOIN ME in this petition. If you're a parent who can't sign for fear of reprisal, have a friend sign. Have all your friends sign.  Have a stranger sign. And share your stories here - your organizations, your websites, the docket numbers, the news stories. Post them to this petition.  And then we will submit it to the US Attorney General to demand action. Investigations; Spotlights; Congressional hearings; REFORM.  
JOIN ME in my vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the independence and integrity of the Family and Juvenile courts, and in telling that system, that, 
In the greatest country on earth, rooted in the principles of the rule of law and  "justice for all", WE are starved for justice, and by signing below, WE are voting "NO CONFIDENCE" in the integrity and independence of the Family and Juvenile courts through out the U.S. 
WE are the mothers, fathers, spouses, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and advocates, and concerned citizens of the USA, who are voting "NO CONFIDENCE" in the licentious, lawless system that acts under the color of law, but completely outside the law, to arbitrarily and capriciously decide the fate of children who have been brought before these tribunals for protection, and instead, are sentenced to die or suffer unimaginably at the hands of predatory parents or complete strangers by judges who are free to act with malice and in excess of their LEGAL authority with complete impunity.  Stump v. Sparkman, 435 US 349  (1978). 
The doctrine of judicial immunity it represents a cancer within our system that is eating away at our democracy. It violates the Separation of Powers doctrine by removing almost all checks and balances from the third branch of government, and as a result, the judiciary is acting without regard for the law; for the people it is sworn to serve, or the rights of the citizens of this country who lend it their authority.  
Please go to my petition to sign and register your vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the integrity and independence of the judiciary, so we can send a powerful message to the U.S.Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, that all of us are STARVED FOR JUSTICE. 


  1. Thank you for your courage. I am the author of "A Little Lynched: Amber Alert - A Judge Ordered Kidnapping" let's connect and stay in touch, after having my son kidnapped in DV Court I started a campaign and connected with over 5000 mothers who lost custody in DV Court mostly to PAS, Pedorapist, Abusers, and Suicidal-Homicidal sociopaths. I've completed A Little Lynched part 2, in editing phase, let's stay connected I'm AleahRN on Twitter, tweet me a connecting

    1. Hi Aleah. Absolutely. You can reach me through my email: or on Facebook. Do you have a website that discusses what happened to you? Can you post a link to it here?
      Please ask all of your followers to sign the petition and come to this page to share their own websites, articles, or just a summary of what happened and where.
      I hope we can all come together and support each other.

  2. A woman in Conecticut told me years ago about how her kids were given to their abusive father. She said the courts were corrupt and they had taken down her website & threatened her with jail for trying to save her children.

    I read about your story thru a lawyer posting about the legality of posting on twitter etc. I told him its deeper than than. Made me look up Ct.

    It seems they are putting together a task force to investigate family courts. A shame we don't hear about this on the national news.

    Two interesting articles

    I hope organizations like yours can come together across the country and bring this to light.